Design 3 book covers for the same book to be shown in an exhibit at the Library of Congress of the 100 most influential books of all time.


Closing Thoughts

Looking back on this project, I am proud of the final covers I created, ecspecially my typography cover because this is the first time I am able to look at my work and be proud of it. It is great to see my progression in my work over the years and to now be at a point where I am comforatble with my typography work. By comforatble I don’t mean that I am content and not pushing myself further, rather I am now at a point where I can understand the conversations around typography. I am starting to see payout in the years I have practiced typography as it is finally reaching a point that I feel proud of. Now that I am here, I am hungry to continue refining my typography skill so five years from now I can look back and see another large step in the quality of my work.

Over the course of this project I have also become more aware of my process. If something is not working in my current design I understand the cause is because I need a stronger definition of what success for the project is, or I need to come up with more ideas through sketching
for example.

Final Pieces