Double Exposure is used to create a stunning and stoic final image.


The above image is the result of combining two images using a technique called double exposure. One is of the Teton Mountains and the other is a photo of Anna Glazier. I have had a desire to try out this technique after seeing some examples of it on Instagram. I was mesmerized by the combinations people came up with and the creative ways they would blend two subjects together. In creating this image, I decided to pair an image of Anna, a friend of mine with the Teton mountains in a way that would create a new idea.

How I Did It

The first step in creating this, after standard edits, was to cut Anna out of the background which I did using the quick select and refine edge tool. Next, I overlayed the image of the mountain on top of Anna to find a juxtaposition which I liked. Next, I applied a mask to the mountains which were a cut out of the same shape as Anna and changed the blending mode of this layer to lighten. Then I desaturated the layer of Anna and duplicated it. One was beneath the mountains and the other above. The one above I hid so I could use it later. I changed the blending mode of the mountains to lighten and then used a mask to create a blend into Anna that I found appealing. I duplicated the layer of the mountains, changed this to lighten mode also, and applied a black mask to it. Next, I revealed this new layer to show the clouds coming out of Anna’s head. Finally, I revealed the duplicated layer of Anna and changed the blending mode to soften, doing so increased the contrast of the image.

Next, I needed to blend the double exposure into the background more. I did so by using the “blend if” feature and lowering my white point.

With the above done, I was almost finished, save the polish. I adjusted my color balance to bring out my desired details, I slightly desaturated the layer of the mountains and then I added the text. For my text, I decided to use Bodoni because it has a simple, refined and elegant feel which really embodies the feel I was trying to create with the image, so I found it was a good fit.

Below are the two images used to create the final image:

The picture of Anna was taken using a Canon 80D with a 35-70mm lens which was lit using a strobe with an Einstein octabox modifier. The image of the mountains is of the Tetons outside Jackson, Wyoming taken using a Canon 80D with a 70-200mm lens.